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Welcome to KidCall and thank you for visiting us!

Hello everyone and welcome to KidCall!


Together with talented developers, KidCall was founded by Victor Jablokov, a serial technology entrepreneur currently living near Boston, MA with his wonderful family. Before founding KidCall, Victor previous founded Yap Inc., a speech recognition technology company with unique intellectual property that was acquired by The Yap technology was used by Amazon to create Alexa. Victor also founded Wallflower Labs, a developer of wearable voice assistants for enterprises.

Like most families in the United States, Victor grew up in a different city from where he lives today. He comes from a large family that had to flee Soviet Russia and immigrated to the United States shortly after WW2. After immigrating, his family slowly moved throughout the USA seeking opportunity. His wife is a also an immigrant from Ukraine, and her family is spread out throughout the world. Being far from family was not an issue when they were young adults, but as they started having children, connecting their kids with their extended families became more difficult.

When COVID-19 devastated our world, it immediately cut family and friends off from one another. That is when the idea to start KidCall germinated in Victor's mind and he began to study how to create a communications platform that could help families stay connected. He was especially concerned for children as he saw first hand how the pandemic affected his children and their ability to socialize with their friends and family. 

Victor and his family always valued education above all things. KidCall is extremely focused on not just allowing kids to have a fun experience online, but we also educate them in a fun way so children learn something new every time they connect to the KidCall platform.

We hope you really enjoy what the KidCall team has created. A lot of creativity, time, effort, and love went into creating KidCall and we hope it helps your children develop and progress positively, and allows them and you to stay better connected to your friends, family, and loved ones.


The KidCall Team

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