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Welcome To KidCall

KidCall is a Secure Messaging & Video Calling App with Educational & Fun Games for Kids

KidCall is Free to Use and Includes:

  • Secure and encrypted video calling platform that is safe for kids to use;

  • Ability to message friends & family;

  • Educational and fun games keep kids challenged as they progress;

  • Parental control keeps kids safe by requiring parents to approve all friend and family connections, both when sending and receiving connection invites;

  • Connect your kids to all their friends and family in a safe and secure way;

  • No pictures of kids can be uploaded, kids stay anonymous via the creation of Avatars similar to their likeness;

  • Easy to use interface for both young and old makes it easy to connect to and call your friends and relatives.

Upgrade to Premium to Unlock Additional Features:

  • Control screen time by choosing how long kids can video call per day;

  • Unlimited access to all current and future content;

  • Removal of all advertising and no in-app purchases.

Download & Use for Free


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Alex J.

Love this app. Great feature that FaceTime doesn't have is the ability to limit screen time! Like many parents we have problems with our daughter wanting to use the phone too much. With KidCall, there is a built in limit so its not our fault!

Val S.

I use this app to call my grandkids. I live alone in a retirement home and rarely see them since they are extremelely busy with school and acitivities. My son-in-law showed me this app and loaded it on my tablet so I can call them. I am so happy now, I can chat with them whenever they are free and we interact so much more than we used to. KidCall is such a great app and easy to use! Thank you for creating this app, I am so much happier now!

Ally W.

I live in NYC and my sister lives in Boston. I love to use KidCall to call my niece and nephew! It's so much fun to play games with them and now I interact with them more than I ever did! Love this app!

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